RS10: Hospital Sector

Generic Services

  • Laundry collection and delivery of clean clothes with own truck fleet and drivers.
  • Sorting, washing, ironing, folding and packing of clothing and linen.
  • Basic repairs for clothing, seams and buttons.
  • Work uniforms.
  • Ozonisation of pillows and mattresses.
  • Warehouse management for our clients.
  • Textile advice.
  • Constant contact with service manager.

Specific services

  • Loading compartment on trucks equipped with an ozone generator in order to ensure the highest level of cleanliness right up to final delivery to the client.
  • Double sanitary barrier to ensure there is no contact between dirty clothes and clean clothes.
  • Regular checks of the level of bacteria in the clothes.
  • Daily checks that the clothes have been neutralised in order to eliminate all traces of alkalinity.
  • Specific arrangement of the clothes in a private workshop.
  • Daily delivery of 100% of the clothes received.
  • Management of contaminated clothing.
  • Delivery of clothes classified as agreed.

Carrer de Can Flaqué, 9-15 · Pol. Industrial Sta Maria Park · 08460 · Santa Maria de Palautordera · Barcelona

t. +34 93 848 37 39 · f. +34 93 848 39 92

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